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Priceless and absolutely free

As an editor, your first and most important step in any color grade is bringing everything on your timeline into a consistent REC709 look.But if you don’t have the camera manufacturer’s LUT, or you don’t know what camera it came from, that task can be time-consuming and challenging.

Freelab is a plugin that solves this problem in just a few clicks, saving you hours of work. It runs in realtime, and like the name says, Freelab is entirely free.
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Any and All Cameras

Freelab supports over 40 of the industry’s most popular cameras, with presets from Arri Alexa to DJI Mavic Pro to Apple iPhone.
Just drop it on your footage and choose your camera from the list of input profiles – and you’re done.
And if you don’t know what camera your footage was shot on, using artificial intelligence, our Log Generic preset will instantly analyze and bring your footage into REC709.

You’ll never need a manufacturer’s LUT again.

Any color workflow

Freelab works on Windows and Mac, in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve.
You can use it with Lumetri Color, Magic Bullet, and any other color grading tools in your arsenal.
It even supports ACEScct and Davinci Wide Gamut.
So no matter where you’re working, and no matter what your workflow, you’ll have instant access to consistent color directly on your editing timeline.

Artificial (color) intelligence

Not only does Freelab bring all of your footage into a REC709 look, it can also load our revolutionary AI-driven X01 color grading film Looks.
Colorlab ships with twenty X01 presets based on popular films – with more looks coming all the time – giving you a ton of options in telling your story through color.
And if you want to modify those looks or create your own, you can check out our tools and Look Designer for even more color flexibility.
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Dowload Now (FREE!)

Freelab is entirely free, but it requires a serial number for licensing (also free). To get your download and license, you must purchase it for $0 in our webstore (no credit card needed).  
Want to learn more about Freelab and the X01 format.



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