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Color Engine trusted by the best

Introducing Halo Lab for Davinci Resolve proudly presents Halo Lab for DaVinci Resolve, a groundbreaking plugin that marks our continued dedication to the professional colorist, filmmaking and digital content creator communities.

Halo Lab isn’t just another halation plugin; It is the culmination of innovative design and dedicated craftsmanship by Tim Montoya.

This plugin is tailored to give your digital camera the true analog film experience, using state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly integrate advanced imaging capabilities into your workflow.

Ai Auto-Color
Ai Color Match
Ai Shot Detection

Wondering why color grading is so important?

Watch this nice short video to discover why.

Premiere Pro Colourlab AI
Premiere Pro Colourlab AI

Powerful image processing – without leaving your editing software.

Gone are the days of dealing with complex image processing tools. Easily sync Colourlab with Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve then let our AI work with you, in real-time, while you edit.
Use more than one camera? Of course you do. Tell Colourlab which cameras you’re using and we’ll make sure your Look is consistent.
Export your project in HDR and SDR with one click. Export in pre-sets like Netflix, Hulu, and iPhone. Supporting more cameras than any image processing software.
Making progress as a filmmaker requires the right tools. You’ve just found what you’ve been missing.
Adobe Premiere
Final Cut Pro

Film as beautiful as your favorite movie

To create the ultimate color grading software, we asked Hollywood’s top Colorists and Color Scientists to build Looks they’d use on their next blockbuster.

  • Never buy a LUT again thanks to our continuously updated Looks library.
  • Make the Looks your own with the Look Designer toolkit – the same software the world’s best colorists use.
  • Color Engine integrates directly with most editing software (and is available as a stand-alone plugin for the rest).

Don’t settle for ‘looks like Hollywood’. Use the exact same software as Hollywood.
Look 1
Look 2
Look 3
Without Look Designer With Look Designer
Without Look Designer With Look Designer
Without Look Designer With Look Designer

Whether it’s your first project or your 1000th, it takes a special kind of person to create film.

Colourlab is the ultimate partner you need to unleash your creativity.

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Who uses Colourlab?

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Say goodbye to off-the-shelf LUTs.
And hello to creative freedom.


LUTs created by leading Hollywood colorists.


Powered software that learns what you love.


Control, giving you ultimate creative freedom.

Premiere Pro

Colourlab Ai

Final Cut Pro

Davinci Resolve

How does Colourlab Ai fit into your workflow?

1. Start in your editing software

  • Create your timeline.
  • Once ready for color grading, send the project into colourlab.

2. Open Colourlab Ai

  • Click Auto Color to balance your film.
  • Then use colourlab to create a stunning Look in ultra-speed.
  • Or choose a Look from our LUTs library.

3. Back to your workflow

  • Once you’re happy with your Look, sync the project back to your editing software.
  • Do your final touches.
  • Hit render.

The old days of color grading

  • Learning how to color grade took years and thousands of pounds of investment.
  • When collaborating, you’d spend days editing, saving, exporting, downloading, editing, and reuploading your film.
  • Processing gigabyte after gigabyte of footage, even the slightest edit took hours.

Now with Colourlab Ai.

  • Multiple teams can work on a film simultaneously using different editing platforms.
  • Instead of saving the whole film file again, make changes to the Look in colourlab and send the few megabytes over email.
  • You could even start in one editing software and finish in another.
  • All you need to do is move the color metadata with the file.

Get started instantly

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Built in support
for 40+ camera brands

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... and many more.

What our customers say

ColourLab AI is quite a game-changer.  It allows me to work smarter not harder. I appreciate how easy is to make bespoke celluloid-inspired looks.

Jason Bowdach

Colorist & Finishing Artist

Colourlab is designed to help us transform digital video using the aesthetic genius that was built into traditional film processing. Colourlab is perfect for documentaries.

Jamie Le Jeune

Editor & Colorist

Colourlab allows me to focus my time on what really makes the difference in an image. Balancing and matching has been taken care of.

Roberto Negron


Colourlab Ai and Look Designer have filled the gap I felt between professional Color Grading and the usage of Films Emulation in digital post-production.

Filippo Cinotti

Creator & Colorist

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