The Next-Generation AI-Driven Color Grading Preset Format

Succeeding Where LUTs Fail

Look Up Tables (LUTs) are great for giving your footage beautiful color and film looks. The problem is that if you want to use a LUT designed for a Black Magic Cinema Camera on footage from a RED Komodo, it won’t look right. Or worse, if you’re using LUTs that only work AFTER you’ve transformed the color from LOG to REC709, you’re losing valuable color data before you’ve even applied your look, resulting in compressed color. And what if you want to change the look slightly? You can’t do that with a LUT.

With the new X01 color grading preset format, these issues are a thing of the past.

A Film Look for Any Camera

X01 presets can be designed to easily work with footage from any camera. By separating the camera-related color transformations from the additional creative color transformations, a film look designed for one camera, works perfectly with footage from another. Now you can have a consistent look across your timeline, even if you are using footage from multiple cameras.
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Completely Customizable

X01 Presets can be easily created and edited in Colourlab AI, our artificial intelligence-driven color grading software. So if you like a look but want to mix it up a little, or you want to build your own film looks, anything is possible. Learn more about Colourlab AI.

Share Film Looks with Anyone. Absolutely Free

Using Freelab, our free plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve, anyone can use an X01 preset. So, if you’ve created a look you want to share with an editor, compositor, or anyone else on your team, Freelab + X01 presets make it simple.



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