Steve Bayes Explains Colorlab Ai, the Color Grading System Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Dado Valentic

Dado Valentic

CEO, Founder

The artificial intelligence based colour grading system Colorlab Ai certainly looks like it could transform the grading process. Colorlab AI advisor and investor Steve Bayes explains why he became involved and how this technology should eventually become available to Final Cut Pro X users.

One of the benefits of the confinement of Covid-19 is that I have been working with several start ups with incredible technology. When Dado Valentic and Mark Pederson from Colourlab reached out to me through a mutual friend I was blown away by the potential of their new app, Colourlab Ai. By training Artificial Intelligence and embedding it in a color matching application, they were able to take their industry expertise and produce high quality, consistent results in a fraction of the time a human could do it.


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