Dive into the rich palette of our newest Sixpack 002 release, where we pay homage to classic Italian cinema. Capture the vibrancy of a Bollywood blockbuster, and encapsulate the allure of now-iconic TV show aesthetics. A fusion of global narratives awaits your discovery just below.

Dive into the Inspiration

Revenant – A tribute to the visual artistry of Emmanuel Lubezki’s masterpiece. Dive into the raw, elemental energy that defines this iconic film.

Fellini – Immerse yourself in the charm of classic Italian cinema. A nod to the legendary Federico Fellini, this look embodies the timeless elegance and whimsy of his masterworks.

Watchmen – Capture the essence of the latest action movie sensations. Pulse-pounding visuals await with this dynamic look.

Bollywood – Embrace the fiery passion and vibrant energy of the Bollywood dance scene. A riot of colors and emotions that’s bound to make your footage come alive.

Succession – Relive the tension, intrigue, and high-stakes drama of what’s now a television classic. This look encapsulates the atmospheric tones and aesthetics that define the series.

Beef – The talk of the town and the sensation of the moment, this look captures the unique vibe and palette that’s making “Beef” a must-watch.

Say Goodbye to your 3D LUTS

Work with confidence. In any format.

  • Universal Compatibility: Works with any camera format seamlessly.
  • Hassle-free Integration: Effortless integration into any video editing software.
  • Versatile Application: Enhances videos in any format, RAW or compressed.

Customisable Looks. That go beyond LUTs.

  • Customize and adapt looks to achieve your unique vision.
  • Edit and modify looks to perfectly suit your footage.
  • Use looks as a foundation to inspire and create your own style.

Any gear.
Same beautiful look.

  • Compatible with diverse cameras and video sources.
  • Works seamlessly with any camera or video format..
  • So you get a consistent Look across all cameras.

Beautiful, unique color. Consistently.

  • Color grade shots from different cameras with one look
  • Generic Log balances and neutralises ‘Unknown’ cameras.
  • Hollywood-level image processing that saves you hours.

Use them with Freelab

Freelab, a free plugin compatible with Premiere and Davinci, offers a seamless solution for opening and interpreting Neural Looks in the X01 format. With Freelab, users can effortlessly apply these looks to any material, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. However, it’s important to note that Freelab does not provide editing capabilities for the looks, and it supports REC709 as the only color output format. Nonetheless, it remains a valuable tool for quickly applying and experimenting with Neural Looks in a straightforward manner within the supported platforms.

Use them with Look Designer

Look Designer takes Neural Looks to the next level by providing an advanced plugin that empowers users to customize and fine-tune each parameter of the looks to their liking. With Look Designer, you have complete control over the editing process, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic with precision and attention to detail. Furthermore, Look Designer offers the ability to manage color spaces, ensuring seamless integration with various workflows. Additionally, you can export LUTs of your favorite looks, enabling you to use them across different projects and platforms, expanding the creative possibilities even further.

Use them with Colourlab Ai

Colourlab Ai integration serves as the ultimate tool for your Neural Presets, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance your video editing and color grading workflows. With Colourlab Ai, you can leverage Neural Looks to effortlessly match shots, ensuring consistency and coherence across your footage. The advanced user interface allows for seamless editing and customization of the presets, empowering you to achieve the perfect look for your project. Moreover, the integration enables a streamlined workflow, as you can easily push the edited looks to Premiere and Davinci Resolve with just a single link.

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Neural Looks are exclusively available in the X01 format, and to utilize them effectively, you will need either Freelab, Look Designer, or Colourlab Ai. These tools serve as the necessary means to open, interpret, and apply Neural Looks to your video materials. Whether you choose the free plugin Freelab, the advanced editing capabilities of Look Designer, or the comprehensive features of Colourlab Ai, these applications provide the essential framework for harnessing the full potential of Neural Looks and unlocking a world of creative possibilities.

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