Meet our early adopters Colourlab Factory Drivers

Look Designer has transformed the way I think about my work flow from pre-production through post.

Look Designer changed my approach to the post-production process.

Look Designer, ColourLab AI and GrainLab are must-have tools for every production.

Being able to find new looks quickly and apply them efficiently means more creative freedom.

ColourLab allows me to focus my time on what really makes the difference in an image.

Look Designer lets me concentrate on the intuitive side of crafting and communicating a consistent base for my work as a DoP.


Look Designer 2.0 gives me so many different emulations to choose from that there's always one fitting the project perfectly.

With Look Designer I am able to design looks faster.


The New-gen of Look Designer 2.0 became the base of my workflow

All documentary filmmakers should be using Colourlab to make their documentaries look like a movie instead of just looking like television news.


With Colourlab you can get every shot of your film automatically matched to your baseline or look references, allowing you to get much more quickly to the art and craft of designing the LOOK.

Colourlab has changed my workflow and the way I look at colour.


Look Designer is an outstanding tool that every colorist should use.

What Dado has done with AI is groundbreaking.

The perfect tool to achieve, in the fastest way, a strong and customizable film look.


An Indispensable Tool

The Word on Colourlab

Three powerful software applications

Tumi Modiba

Online Editor & Colourist / Chroma Zone / Johannesburg, South Africa

Look designer helps me generate very fast looks, Grainlab is the cherry on the icing.

Jose Armengol

Cinematographer / Fractal Image / London, UK.

With Colourlab Ai I can finish the job in 1/4 of my usual time

Dylan Wong

Head of post production / Littleredants Creative Studio / Singapore

They make digital cinema the way it should be

Edgar Flores Ogarrio

Colorist / Anónima Post / Mexico

I am so satisfied with how Look Designer and Colourlab Ai help me speed up my grading workflow

Jalil Bourne

Colorist / 2horloges / Algeria

This is revolutionary software

Thomas Dallal

Cinematographer & Photographer / Haifa / Israel

Look Designer has been a great addition to my color tools

Jeff Spott

Freelance Colorist / Atlanta

I love the subtractive color controls

Kyle Kelley

Cinematographer & Colorist / BullMoose Pictures, Inc.

This technology is simply Groundbreaking

Patrick Bishop

Director / Bishop Laboratories

Look Designer made my grading better and easier to get a specific feel

Hendro Setyo

Colorist / Visual Fidelity / Malaysia

Colourlab Ai makes it easier to match shots to scenes or combine different camera models

Marek Beles

Film Director / Senior Producer / Postproduction Supervisor

Colourlab Ai helps greatly to find the right look for a project

Ingo Schulten

Colorist / Germany

The possibilities are endless

Olivier Harrault

Filmmaker / Colorist at GroovyBaby Studio

Fast as Hell

Alessandro Paci

Colorist / DIT /Italy

It’s like magic

Rishi Gandhi


These plugins are a gift

David Bailey

Director / Los Angeles

Look Designer has allowed me to quickly develop Showluts

Matt Cusworth

Lecturer / Freelance Colourist

Look Designer represents for me the fastest way to obtain a professional, customized, cinematic look that made every client really happy so far.

Luca Enrico Canessa


I’m finding that it saves a lot of time when it comes to matching the footage.

Arun Sangameshwar

Colorist / Freelance

Colourlab products have become an integral part of my toolset


Lucky Star Productions / Owner

Finally there’s more time for having fun and polishing every detail

Nico Wieseneder

Freelance Colorist

With Look Designer I am able to design looks faster

Michelle O'Connell

Video Artist and Colorist

Being able to find new looks quickly and apply them efficiently means more creative freedom

Craig Melville

Director / DP

I never want to back to life before I discovered Colourlab

Fiona Graham

Independent Colorist

The base of my look creation

Александр Стебловский

Freelance Colorist

My workflow is so much faster using Colourlab

Roberto Negrón

Senior Colorist / Axis Studios

Artificial Intelligence is the future of Color Grading

Nikola Stefanivic

Senior Colorist / MPC Shanghai

Now I’m making content that’s Hollywood ready

Julian Crespi

Colorist / Vuela Color

An amazing tool to elevate your colors

Jamie LeJeune

Documentary Filmmaker

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