Color Creative Week

Dado Valentic

Dado Valentic

CEO, Founder

Mar 13, 2023 – Mar 18, 2023

Starting at 10:00 PST ( Los Angeles Time )  

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Day 1 – Five ways in which Ai can help with Color Grading
Day 2 – ChatGPT for Color Science
Day 3 – Premiere Advanced Color Management -m ACEScct to Dolby Vision Master
Day 4 – Winter Look Academy Winners
Day 5 – Office Hours with Mr. Green
  Get ready to dive into a rainbow of possibilities with COLOR CREATIVE WEEK – the hottest event for all things COLOR and Ai. Join us for a week of online events that will rock your world and make you see color in a whole new light. With the latest AI tools and color management techniques, you’ll discover what’s new and exciting in the world of color grading. But that’s not all – we’ve got some serious star power in store for you. We’ll be showcasing the best and brightest talent from Colorlab Ai and Look Designer, and announcing the finalists of the Winter Look Academy. Plus, every day we’re giving away one Colourlab Ai studio license, so be sure to sign up for your chance to win! And don’t forget to mark your calendar for our exclusive office hours session with Jeff Greenberg (aka Mr. Green), where he’ll reveal his secrets for creating jaw-dropping color effects. Join us online for COLOR CREATIVE WEEK and discover the latest in color grading and AI. It’s a rainbow of possibilities from the comfort of your screen!  

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Day 1 – Five ways in which Ai can help with Color Grading

Get ready to witness the power of AI on Day 1 of COLOR CREATIVE WEEK! As AI technologies continue to mature, it’s more important than ever to explore how they can assist us in the color grading process. In this seminar, we’ll be showcasing five incredible ways that AI can help us today. From automatic matching and grouping, to AI-generated Look recommendations, you won’t believe the possibilities. Join us for a mind-blowing session that will change the way you think about color grading forever. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!  

Day 2 – ChatGPT for Colorists and Color Scientists

Are you ready to take your color grading game to the next level? Then you won’t want to miss Day 2 of COLOR CREATIVE WEEK – featuring an incredible seminar on ChatGPT for Colorists and Color Scientists. You’ve probably seen the amazing capabilities of ChatGPT, but you won’t believe what it can do for your color grading workflow until you’ve seen this seminar. We’ll show you some jaw-dropping techniques that will leave you speechless – and inspire you to start adopting ChatGPT in your own workflow. This is one seminar that’s not to be missed, so sign up now and get ready to revolutionize the way you approach color grading!  

Day 3 – Advanced Color Management for Adobe Premiere

Are you ready to take your Premiere Pro skills to the next level? Then join us for the Day 3 of COLOR CREATIVE WEEK – featuring an incredible seminar on Advanced Color Management in Premiere Pro. Color management and Premiere Pro don’t usually go together, but we’re here to show you how that’s all about to change. You’ll learn how it’s possible to deploy advanced color-managed workflows in Premiere Pro, and how you can use ACEScct to deliver speedy and elegant Dolby Vision masters for Netflix delivery. This seminar is packed with insider tips and tricks that will transform the way you work with color in Premiere Pro. So sign up now and get ready to elevate your game!  

Day 4 – Winter Look Academy Winners

Are you curious to see the next generation of color grading talent? On theDay 4 of COLOR CREATIVE WEEK – we are featuring the winners of the Winter Look Academy! This world-renowned colorist training program has just wrapped up, and we’re thrilled to showcase the incredible works of this year’s winners. The competition was stronger than ever, and you’ll be amazed by what these up-and-coming colorists were able to create. Plus, we’ll be announcing who will be coming to Hollywood to complete the final grade on the 300nits Cinema HDR projector. This is your chance to get a sneak peek at the future of color grading, so be sure to tune in and get inspired!  

Day 5 – Office Hours with Mr Green

Get ready for an exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most respected voices! On Day 5 of COLOR CREATIVE WEEK, we’re thrilled to welcome Jeff Greenberg (aka Mr. Green) for an exclusive Office Hours session. As a veteran trainer for Avid, Adobe, FCP, and Davinci, Mr. Green has been intensely working with AI and discovering what this new and wonderful technology has to offer. In this session, he’ll give you an update from an editorial and non-colorist point of view on what AI is going to do for your job. This is your chance to learn from a true master, so be sure to sign up and bring your questions! You won’t want to miss this incredible session.

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