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Dado Valentic

Dado Valentic

CEO, Founder

We always asked ourselves, is there any way that we could deploy AI to help us with looks. And the answer is – there is. In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Ai References.

There are effectively three types of AI references:

  1. Smart LUTs
  2. Ai references created from your timeline
  3. Imported Still Reference images

Smart LUTs are something that you will get supplied with Colourlab. Every month we will be expanding on the library of SmartLUTs, and they are more than a LUT. While LUT is fixed, smart LUT adapts its output so that you always get the desired outcome, regardless of what your source looks like or what camera you use.

SmartLUTs have an image as a reference, and this image has got something we call a visual fingerprint or a DNA of a look. Interestingly, we can then apply this fingerprint to another image and translate the look from one image to another.

A great way to see Ai Reference in action is to view it in side-by-side mode, and you can see and compare your reference and your outcome better.

SmatLUTs are a great way to create quick looks that you could not achieve before in such a simple way and so explore the possibilities and experiment with the direction you would like to take.

The other way to create Ai References is by pressing the red fingerprint, a record-like button and turning the current grade into an Ai Reference. Your grade becomes your reference, which is usually how colorists would work. They would create a look with one of the shots in the sequence and then match other shots to it. Only in our case, we let Ai perform the match.

The third kind of reference is created by importing images you like and would like to use as a visual reference. We highly recommend as the perfect source for your reference images. All you do is click on import still references. Photos will be on import converted into Ai References and now can be used to match your source.

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