Look Designer 2.0

A Plugin for DaVinci Resolve™ brings filmmakers instant access to a complete film laboratory in the box. Design your film emulsions with custom Subtractive Color CMY processing and emulate film like never before.

Main Features

Complete Film Laboratory in the Box

Look Designer accurately emulates the process associated with film acquisition, development, scanning, and printing. It goes beyond simple Film Emulation LUT to give digital cameras that analog feel.

Filmmakers can tap into decades-long research into the science of color and perception associated with traditional celluloid acquisition and help viewers build a stronger emotional connection with content and story.

CMY Subtractive Color Science

Discover the world of CMY Subtractive color tools that emulate color processing of real film emulsions. One of those processes that are very hard to explain but very easy to like.

It will change your beliefs about what color your camera is capable of capturing.

Color Management Simplified

Build for most demanding workflows. Look Designer can pre-match cameras, move from SDR to HDR in a single click, or use ACEScct for the entire color pipeline.

Look Designer 2.0 can communicate with the rest of production via 33 and 65 point 3D CUBE LUTs


Advanced color management and Film Stock Emulation

breaking limits

Embrace the Beauty of Analog Film Format

We must not let decades of research and development that went into analog film be completely disregarded. The image, color, dynamic response, texture, imperfections, general look, and feel are there for a reason, and our emotional reaction to film is not random. With Look Designer, we are attempting to bring that skill of analog film lab processing in the hands of today’s digital filmmaker.


Single Plugin

Look Designer 2 or Grainlab
$ 24
  • Look Designer 2
  • Grainlab
  • Dual Activation
  • Free Updates


Colourlab Ai & All plugins
$ 49
  • Coloulrab Ai
  • Look Designer 2
  • Grainlab
  • Red RAW / BRAW
  • Dual Activation
  • Free Updates


from $999
$ Call
  • Arri RAW
  • Turnkey Systems
  • Production Rental
  • Advanced Support
  • Advanced Integration
  • Cloud Connectivity


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