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As a Colourlab Factory Driver, you are getting immediate access to test-drive beta builds of our tools for only $99 each and once we release them you will enjoy a free annual subscription. 

Become A Factory Driver

In motorsports, a Factor Driver works for auto manufacturers to evaluate the performance of every aspect of a vehicle and prepare reports that help engineers fine-tune their designs or identify problems before production begins. They are experts, professional drivers who use their talent and skill to test prototypes and push the limits of performance. 

Colourlab is looking for 500 brave Factory Drivers for our revolutionary software technology that will break the status-quo of color grading by leveraging Ai to empower creatives and assist in the color correction process.

This is a $999 value for Colourlab Ai.

Most importantly, with your early access to these technologies before they get released to the general audience, you will be able to influence our development team with your feature requests and feedback allowing us to fine-tune performance and product development.

What you get

  • Immediate access to the latest pre-release beta builds of the software tools
  • Your feedback and feature requests forwarded directly to the Colourlab Development Team
  • An annual license for FREE when the software tools are released
  • Colourlab Factory Driver swag

30 Days Full refund policy

If you are not happy with Colourlab Ai Beta for any reason, we will refund your money back, no questions asked.


Three powerful software
Colourlab Ai has helped me tremendously with look development and bashing ideas around quickly with the client. The subtractive color of the Look Designer helps me introduce Cyan and Magenta hues into an image that didn’t have tones of the sort and it feels so natural. Look designer and subtractive color have saved me hours of keying and hue shifting. GrainLab quickly added that fine grain to an image.

Tumi Modiba

Online Editor & Colourist / Chroma Zone / Johannesburg, South Africa

Look designer helps me generate very fast looks, Grainlab is the cherry on the icing.
Look designer helps me generate very fast looks I can show and discuss with my clients. I’m in love with Look Designer 2 as it has total personal input that allows you to be flexible and creative. The best thing about it is that you can focus more on the feel and mood the client/director is after rather than on the technical. It’s very important as this helps build a better relationship with the creatives we work with. Grainlab is the cherry on the icing. I am a big fan of grain as texture gives an image life. This plugin has very precise controls to tune in the amount of texture you want to add and by keyframing your clips you have control to add remove grain from scenes.

Jose Armengol

Cinematographer / Fractal Image / London, UK.

With Colourlab Ai I can finish the job in 1/4 of my usual time
Colourlab Ai had amazed me with how fast the process of matching different camera shots within the grading process. Although as a colorist I always prefer to tweak and set the color to the work I produced, often there are cases where deadlines are too crazy. With Colourlab Ai I can finish the job in 1/4 of my usual time. This gives me plenty of extra time to further polish my work when the base grade is done in such a short time.

Dylan Wong

Head of post production / Littleredants Creative Studio / Singapore

They make digital cinema the way it should be
I have found that these software give the image and color a much finer texture and depth. They make digital cinema the way it should be in such a simple way. I consider these software very powerful color grading tools.

Edgar Flores Ogarrio

Colorist / Anónima Post / Mexico

I am so satisfied with how Look Designer and Colourlab Ai help me speed up my grading workflow
I am so satisfied with how Look Designer and Colourlab Ai help me speed up my grading workflow and improve the grading with long projects. Colourlab became my Virtual Color Assistant to perfect my matching shots in very difficult situations which I struggled with for a long time.

Jalil Bourne

Colorist / 2horloges / Algeria

This is revolutionary software astounds. It is an insanely powerful, accurate, and lightning-fast tool for rapidly creating grades. Making color correction and look creation fluid, rational, and efficient presents no small challenge. This is revolutionary software.

Thomas Dallal

Cinematographer & Photographer / Haifa / Israel


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