9th October, 2022

Colourlab Ai

V3 Beta

Colourlab Ai v3 Beta


Thank you for registering for the Colourlab Ai V3 Beta program. We are excited to have you on board.

Read instructions carefully for specific next steps. Colourlab Ai V3 beta program has a limit of 500 participants. Selection is on a first-come, first serve basis. Beta software differs from the final version: It may have limited functionality. Potential for crashes. Not recommended for paid productions.

All Beta 3 participants will receive full studio license in value of $499 at the end of beta testing phase.

Development Stages

With the Colourlab Ai V3 Beta, you're not just testing an app. You're actively participating in shaping the future of color grading. Your role is pivotal in this collaborative effort.
Welcome to the future of visual storytelling!


Color Matching Engine

New engine promising better results. Your testing will help identify areas of improvement.


Sync to Host Apps

Focus on Fetch and Push features. Integration with Premiere, Davinci, and FCP.


Media Engine

Adding playback for all raw media formats.


Ongoing Improvements

User interface enhancements. Performance and playback optimization.

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