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Colourlab brings consistency and beautiful image quality to your film – in an instant.

You deserve complete creative freedom and for that, you need complete control.

Our in-house Hollywood color scientists have worked tirelessly to make sure your color science is taken care of – saving your energy for the finishing touches only you’re capable of.

Color grading is no longer a secret kept by Hollywood. Now you have the chance to apply color grading techniques usually kept for high-end productions – all automated by AI.

Transition between SDR and HDR effortlessly. Build your own Looks from scratch or choose from an infinite LUT library.

Colourlab is the secret weapon behind the best filmmaking and content creation.

And you have the chance to try it, right now, for free

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Where Editors, Colorists, and Content Creators share work, inspiration and new Looks.

Founded in Hollywood Built by Silicon Valley

Many software companies claim to give your film ‘the Hollywood look’, but colourlab AI is built by Hollywood veterans, and used on real-world productions by professional production teams.

This isn’t ‘like’ Hollywood. Colourlab IS Hollywood.


Dado Valentic

CEO, Founder

Dado Valentic is an award-winning colorist and color scientist with extensive experience working at the crossroads of art, science & technology. He is best known for his unique approach to the processing of digital images and his style of color communication.

A tech visionary, Dado Valentic has worked on more than 60 feature films, tv-series and hundreds of commercials, as well as on productions of original digital art by Jeff Koons, Marina Abramovic, Olafur Eliasson, and Anish Kapoor.

Dado was responsible for color science behind the first Netflix HDR production, ‘Marco Polo – Season II’, which was awarded Best TV Picture, ASC 2016. As a color scientist, he was involved in ‘Exodus’ by Ridley Scott and ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Mr Nice’, and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ by Guy Richie. Dado’s colorist credits include: ‘Absolutely Anything’ directed by Terry Jones, starring Simon Pegg, ‘A Hundred Streets’ starring Idris Elba, ‘Dough’ starring Jonathan Pryce, and ‘Blackwood’ by Adam Wimpenny.

Steve Bayes

Investor & Advisor

Steve Bayes has been at the center of the design, development, and marketing of modern video editing systems for almost 30 years. Coming from a 10-year career in professional video editing, Steve became the first certified Avid Technology instructor. He traveled the world training the trainers, presenting at industry events, and wrote The Avid Handbook. In 1997 he became a Principal Product Designer for the Academy Award-winning Avid Media Composer. In 2006, Steve became the Senior Product Manager for Apple Inc’s professional editing application, Final Cut Pro.

Apple released the groundbreaking Final Cut Pro X in 2011, and over the next seven years, Steve managed almost 30 updates while creating a robust ecosystem of third-party developers. He also managed the release of Apple’s ProRes and ProRes RAW video formats. In July 2018 Steve retired from Apple and continued to consult and invest in new technology for the film and video world.

Gary Oberbrunner


Gary Oberbrunner is one of the most senior figures in the world of software development for digital image processing today. He is best known as a designer and developer of award-winning Sapphire Plug-ins’ that are considered the most innovative and successful image processing plugins in the Film, TV, and Visual Effect Industry history.

Gary Oberbrunner has worked as the Chief Scientist for Gen Arts, creators of Sapphire, and upon its acquisition, he has served as CTO of Boris FX, where he has managed the complex merger of R&D groups.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the technical development of high-performance computing, GPU programming, image processing and VFX, Gary is considered to be one of the most senior figures in the industry of software development for Film and TV.

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Where Editors, Colorists, and Content Creators share work, inspiration and new Looks.

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